LoadTrek is transportation software so you make every driver your best driver.


Through a combination of process automation, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics that accurately identify the best routes, the best drivers, and the most profitable combinations of the two, LoadTrek helps you take more control of your business so your fleet can continually grow.

Our Story

North American Dispatch Systems Founder, John Sheehy, has been in the trucking business since 1981 and began using AOBRDs (Automatic On-Board Recording Devices) in 1990 as a way to manage a growing fleet. As software tools, the Internet, and technology began to evolve, John started to work on developing a system that could get more out of the information provided by his AOBRD. As a result, the LoadTrek system was created as a way to leverage the data coming from trucks and incorporate it into a true – all-in-one – transportation management system.

Today, LoadTrek has evolved into a cloud-based system that can manage ELD data, dispatch data, transportation KPIs, provide analytics, and offers proprietary AI-powered tools to automate day-to-day business processes. LoadTrek gives small and mid-level transportation managers the flexibility to work remotely and access all of the important data needed to keep drivers paid on-time, manage their fleet, and monitor the activity of their operations in real-time allowing them to always keep things moving.


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