Real Time Dispatching

A vital aspect of the transportation and logistics industries is the allocation and monitoring of resources. Complex timetables, DOT regulations, customer demands and order profitability all play a role in how you determine the link between order, driver and equipment. Dispatchers need to be aware of any potential variables to ensure accurate route assignment and compliance. When it comes to dispatching, the more you know, the better your performance. LoadTrek provides a comprehensive route plane that enables users to view all elements of order delivery in one location.

How It Works:

Order status, driver status, available hours and active equipment can be determined with a single glance. Driver changes, order cancellations and route updates can be processed with a few clicks of the mouse using our simple drag and drop user interface. Real time data continuously feeds into the route plane, updating arrival times, order changes and driver DOT information. We offer the ability for you to message your drivers directly to the in truck keypads or phones. Drivers are alerted of the message with an in cab tone and Monitoring late arrivals, current load locations and available units in the area is simplified by a dots on the map feature within the dispatching portal.
A land transport management system encompassing both safety and operations. Plan work, monitor performance, improve safety and compliance.
Transportation companies fully utilizing loadtrek consistently reach 95% compliance or higher with proven tools developed for USPS contractors.
Agricultural needs are different, and that is why we allow you to turn off subscription services during down times.
Closely monitor compliance, driver productivity and performance with simple data views, reducing cost and increasing satisfaction.

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